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New Organization Brings Students and Alumni Together

The Student Alumni Association is a new initiative to get students connected to alumni and Arkansas Tech traditions.

Alison Parks, coordinator of young alumni and student philanthropy, said that a lot of preparation and time was put into the program before it was even started.

“We did a lot of research about what other universities are doing. We felt this would be the best way to get the word out to students about what the Alumni Association is. When we did the informal poll most students had no idea that we even had an alumni group,” said Parks.

The idea was taken to the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees last month, who agreed that this organization was a positive group to have on campus. It is still in the first stages of implementation, but Parks is hopeful about the future and where the organization will be able to go.

“The biggest thing is getting student plugged in and networking with alumni,” said Parks. “There are so many alumni that really wanted to help out other Tech graduates. We want to get students acclimated so that they will be eager and want to be a part of the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association.”

Parks is also hoping the new organization will help build Tech spirit and morale. The Student Alumni Association will be giving out free t-shirts at Senior Day on November 3, and they plan to do the same at other sporting events throughout the year.

The first meeting of the Arkansas Tech Student Alumni Association will be Wednesday, October 17. It will take place in Young Game room at 3 p.m. The organization is open to all interested students. For more information contact Alison Parks at 479-968-0436 or