Presidential Leadership Cabinet

Tech Students Donate Closets of Clothes

Almost 20 bags of clothing donated by Tech students will be given away to help those in need.

The Presidential Leadership Cabinet (PLC) collected heaps of clothing that will be donated to local charities such as Main Street Mission and Marva Sheltered Workshop.  In all, nearly 20 trash bags are crammed with clothes that were collected over the two-week clothing drive. 

Alison Parks, PLC advisor, says this was the first year for the drive, and the group collected “more than we ever expected.”  She adds, “Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again next year.”

Organizers say they set up the drive around the time students were leaving campus for the holiday break in hopes students would donate as they were cleaning out their rooms.

Parks says the last of the clothes should be dropped off by the end of the week.