Tech Tradition Keeper

What is a Tradition Keeper?

A Tradition Keeper is a student who has maintained the value of the student experience while completing their degree at Arkansas Tech University. Each Tradition Keeper will be awarded special Tech Green recognition cords to wear at your Arkansas Tech University graduation. You will also be recognized in the commencement ceremony program for becoming a Tradition Keeper. Traditions must be completed no later than midterm of the semester in which you graduate to be noted in the program. You will also have a special designation of Tradition Keeper listed on your official Arkansas Tech University transcript!

How do I become a Tradition Keeper? 

With the guidance of the Tech Traditions app, you can become an Arkansas Tech University Tradition Keeper; simply take part in the traditions listed in this app! Complete 12 Tech Traditions to obtain your Green Level badge. Once you complete 24 Tech Traditions, you will be awarded a Gold Level badge. Finally, after completing 36 Tech Traditions, you will be an official Tech Tradition Keeper! Once confirmed, you will receive information about obtaining your Tradition Keeper recognition cords and commencement information.


Printable Traditions Book

Would you like a printed version of the first ever edition of the Tech Traditions Book? Keep in mind, this book is no longer valid. If you would like to view it, just click the button below: