Hall of Distinction

The Hall of Distinction at Arkansas Tech University was established in March, 1964, as a means of honoring outstanding graduates of the University. This was a result of a suggestion offered in 1963 by Kenneth Crouch, who was then a student. The first members were inducted as part of the Homecoming Ceremonies in 1965.


Make a Nomination

Complete nomination packets should be returned by October 1st to:
Arkansas Tech University
Kelly Davis, Director of Alumni Relations
1313 N. Arkansas Ave. 
Russellville, AR 72801

Award Categories

All inductees shall be considered to be members of the Hall of Distinction. Persons may be recognized in one of five categories:



Annual University Celebration of the Hall of Distinction

Each year, those persons elected to the Hall of Distinction by the Board of Trustees shall be inducted as a part of the Spring Commencement Ceremony. They shall also be recognized at a special luncheon to be hosted by the University Board of Trustees and the President of the University. Details of this ceremony shall be the responsibility of the Office of the President.
During each Fall Semester, as a part of the Annual Homecoming Celebration, a Reunion of all living Hall of Distinction Members shall be conducted. Surviving spouses of deceased Hall of Distinction Members may be invited, at the option of the University. This event will be under the direction of the Office of Alumni Services, and will be planned as an appropriate celebration of those persons who have been honored by the University.