Arkansas Tech T-Club

As a former student-athlete, you are well aware of the power that participation in intercollegiate athletics has in making a difference in the lives of young people. For many years student athletes who lettered in a sport became members of the Tech letterman’s club, the “T” club.  The “T” Club originated on our campus in 1924 and remained in existence until 1973, and now it has been restructured as an alumni organization.

Members of the Alumni "T" Club will pay $30 per year in dues, and the revenue form those dues will be used to purchase small awards for each letter winner at Arkansas Tech.


Any person who meets the following qualifications and performs the following acts shall be eligible for membership:

  • a) Previously awarded an athletic letter, were listed on a team roster or coached in the athletic program of Arkansas Tech.
  • b) Makes application for membership.
  • c) Pays dues as prescribed by the club.


One of the primary focus points for the Alumni "T" Club is to provide for a means to recognize current student-athletes in a consistent and uniform way.


The mission of the Arkansas Tech University "T" Club shall be to support Arkansas Tech University; maintain contact with all athlete who have previously attended Arkansas Tech University and  participated in Arkansas Tech athletics; to encourage the continued involvement and participation of all Arkansas Tech University "T" Club members in Arkansas Tech University alumni activities; and promote Arkansas Tech by adherence to, and concurrence in, its academic policies, Great American Conference rules, and NCAA rules.

Club Officers:

  • President: Larry Brown
  • President-Elect: Jeff Carter
  • Executive Director: Mr. Kelly Davis
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs. Terry Holland-Finley

Executive Committee Member:

  • Anna Baron
  • Craig Fleming
  • David Snellings
  • Jim Murphy
  • John Whiteside


Each year the coaches select who has earned a letter for the current year from their team using their own criteria. Based on the number of years a letter has been earned at Arkansas Tech, an award is made by the T-Club to each athlete based upon these recommendations as a show of gratitude for each athletes hard work.